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My 2013 Reading List

Coffe by Mabi
Here's the list of books I read this past year. Heavy on the fantasy and a lot of YA and Juvenile, but it just seems like those categories are what interest me the most.
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Just made it under the wire for my book-a-week challenge. Being sick in bed for the last couple days has helped me get the last few finished. For my choice as book of the year, I'm choosing a series because they were all so much fun to read. I'm highly reccing Shelley Adina's 'Devices' books. I read them as ebooks, but I do believe Amazon has them in print now. Excellent, fun, a smart lady with ambition and doesn't require a man to save her. Huzzah! Plus, Steampunk, yeah.

Making my voice heard

Coffe by Mabi
Sadly Alaska only has one representative in the House. However, I took the time to call his office in DC and told him to pass a budget. I only wish I could just go down and bitch slap every single bastard in the House of Representatives. They aren't representing anyone but their rich, selfish selves. People won't get paychecks they earned and yet Congress will continue to get paid for doing nothing. Fire ALL of them. Please remember this come election day, people. Fire them all.

Losing the light

Coffe by Mabi
We are quickly going into our fall season. The fireweed has gone to seed and it's getting dark earlier. The Farmer's Almanac is predicting a bitter winter this year and I'm betting we have snow on the ground before Halloween. With the exception of a week or so in July, it's been a cool, cloudy summer. I feel sorry for the farmers. And for us since it will mean less local produce I can afford to buy.
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How are ya'll doing?

New Necklace

Crafty Girl by danaewhispering
Here's my latest project:
Purple & Copper necklace
It's the same pattern I used for my boss's birthday gift last year. I had a lot of various shades of purple bicones left over from a beading class, so I used them all up. Had to fudge the clasp (which you can't see fortunately!) because they don't make a pretty 2 strand clasp in copper. It was two or three evenings in front of the tv to make. I added a bit more on the ends for my chubby neck. Just love purple and copper together!

Happy Independence Day!

Coffe by Mabi
Raining here so I'm skipping the city's parade for the first time in years. My galpal is coming over and we're grilling hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner. I'm letting the DH eat those, but when we are all out of frozen burgers, then we will be switching to frozen GardenBurgers. He agreed to watch 'Forks Over Knives' today, but I'm waiting til he's finished doing his laundry so he won't be getting up and moving around and interrupting his focus. The message needs to get thru.

I miss the old days of fun family gatherings, cookouts, somemore's, the thrill of sparklers, and warm summer nights watching fireworks.

Hope you have a happy holiday.

Grilled cheese & tomato soup kinda day

Coffe by Mabi
Cold here, even for me...48 degrees. Gray, threatening rain, damp streets from all the rain last night. It's okay, we needed it and the wind is keeping the mosquitoes from flying at least. Between the weather and having screwed up our finances thoroughly, I am in need of comfort food.

In the good news arena, Horst saw a specialist yesterday and it was decided he doesn't need a pacemaker/defib installed. The doc gave him a new med and told him to lose weight, exercise and change his diet. Doc suggested Horst watch 'Forks Over Knives'...the documentary I had the DH watch at least a year ago that made no impression on him. Maybe this time it will. Horst is terrible at communicating what the doc has told him and they didn't give him the right info on what they did give him on paper so I'm making him follow up on it today. The doc says it's artery disease from what I got from the DH. Not blockage, and no heart disease. Good news indeed.

Other than that, I'm continuing my slow organization and clean up of things around the house and my crafts area. I'm planning on taking a garbage bag around the house and filling it today. Laundry is in progress and the dishwasher needs to be run. I have the next 4 days off. Work is getting harder by the week. My hips and knees are hurting like never before. Apparently their warranty is up.

I'm also planning on nap-time with Buddy and good book for this afternoon. It's not much, but it's a plan.

My latest creation

Coffe by Mabi
My new Vintage American Model doll, dressed up as Belle from ABC's Once Upon A Time which just happens to be my favorite tv show these days.


My new boy dolly

dolly by me
Mal has a new friend. I've named him Frank. Am working on some spats since I hated the low boots and argyle sox they gave him. Meantime, he's wearing Strider's boots.


I'm still around

Coffe by Mabi
4 hour shift today and then I'm off for the next 3 days. My last bookmark beading class was a total no-show. I have two of the very popular 4th of July bracelet classes set up before the 4th and with so little time to advertise, they might be a bust too. Thinking I might be a bit of a masochist LOL!

Have a new doll on the way, due to be delivered on Friday. It's another Steampunk Phin so I will be slashing my two boys even tho they almost look like twins. There was too much het going on around here anyway. Searching for the perfect names since I might be renaming my first one. He insisted his name was Mal, so I'll keep that part anyway. I was calling him Malcom Edison Westinghouse. My new guy, I'm considering Franklin Bessemer McKay. Points for anyone who gets any of the references.

I have a fab new outfit for my big girl doll in the works, but won't be done with it til I can get some stuff online.

Horst has his initial meeting with the latest doc on July 1st. We will be flying him up & back again since I work that day. They will set up the date for the pacemaker install that day, but unlikely it will be in that week with the holiday. Probably the week after and I have some days off in a row that will let us drive up and spend a night or two in the big town.

Gabe has a new job, sorta. He's still waiting for the paperwork to be sent so he can start actually working. Meantime, he's doing 'day labor' for the DH since they took him off the payroll already.

I am looking for a local craft outlet or show where I can sell off some of my leftover beaded stuff. Time to get my inventory under control.

TV is dire. Sad that the only show I have to look forward to is 'Days.' I opted not to go see Ironman 3 in the theater but will buy the dvd when it's out and I don't mind spoilers in the meantime. (Actually, I love spoilers.)

Doll spam or what I've been up to lately.

dolly by me
And I'll put this behind a cut for the sake of the friends feed.
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